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Ph.D. thesis

Ph.D. Thesis
of Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France)

Modélisation par Fusion de Formes 3D pour la Synthèse d'Images -- Rendu de Scènes 3D imitant le Style 'Dessin Animé'

Modeling using Fusion of 3D Shapes for Computer Graphics -- Cartoon Looking Rendering of 3D Scenes

Philippe Decaudin

December 3rd, 1996.

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  title  =  "Mod{\'e}lisation par Fusion de Formes 3D pour la Synth{\`e}se d'Images
             -- Rendu de Sc{\`e}nes 3D imitant le Style 'Dessin Anim{\'e}'",
  school =  "Universit{\'e} de Technologie de Compi{\`e}gne, France",
  year   =  "1996",
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  type   =  "Th{\`e}se de doctorat",
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In the main section, we introduce new tools for modeling three-dimensionnal objects for computer graphics. They allow interactive modeling of smooth shapes such as organic-looking shapes (animals, human bodies) and help animating and texturing them. A complex object is created by applying a succession of fusion and flexion deformations to a simple object. The fusion tool allows deformation of the shape of the object by merging it with a simple 3D-shape (sphere, ellipsoid,...); the object is deformed so that it embeds the simple shape. The twist tool allows creation of articulations which can be used to animate the deformable object.

In a second section, we introduce a non-photorealistic rendering algorithm. It produces images having the appearance of a traditional cartoon from a 3D description of the scene (a static or an animated scene). The 3D scene is rendered with techniques allowing to outline the profiles and edges of objects, to color uniformly the patches, and to render shadows (backface-shadows and projected-shadows) due to light sources.

Keywords: Computer graphics, Modeling, Deformation, Interactive techniques, Animation, Non-photorealistic rendering, Cartoon.


- PDF file of the thesis (in french) (2.9 Mb)

- Slides of the defense (in french)

- Images, animations and english papers: deformation tools, cartoon rendering


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